Terms of use



1. Welcome to the HOOPS website (i.e "Site").

The site is owned by Shevah Entrepreneurship and Development (the "Company").


2. The terms of use are formulated in the masculine for convenience only, but are designed for both men and women.

3. Users whose age does not exceed 18 years (the "Minors") are required to notify their parents and / or guardians (collectively "Parents") regarding these Terms of Use and obtain their approval for any activity of any kind as part of the site. Parents are responsible for notifying the minors interested in using and / or activities on the site of the Terms of Use and monitor the activities of minors to act in accordance with these Terms of Use. Any activity that will be performed by minors constitutes acceptance of minors and / or parents in the stated terms and conditions.

4. Conditions of Use and / or additional terms of use on the site (if any), when any case of conflict and / or inconsistency between these Terms of Use and the Terms of Use of individuals listed on the site, of any kind whatsoever, Individual Terms shall prevail.


Use of the Site


5. Entering the site and / or the use of it is subject to the terms of use set out below (including any future changes in them) and indicate your consent and acknowledgment of these terms and you are therefore requested to review them carefully and keep up with the changes effected from time to time (if performed). If you do not agree to the terms of use please do not go on to the site and / or perform site activities and / or use of any kind. Site users will not be any demand and / or claim in connection with the Terms of Use and / or alterations.

6. You may use the site for personal and non-commercial purposes. It is strictly forbidden to use the Site and / or any portion thereof using any kind, for any purpose other than personal and non-commercial use.

For the avoidance of doubt, this should not be used in any manner, content, texts, names, designs and graphic content, music, files, pictures, photos, videos (audio, video and still images from video), text, logos, symbols and any other material appearing on the website of HOOPS, including messages and postings on and / or mailings from the Site and / or any marketing material and / or other publications of the site (the "Materials") and may not allow others to use the content.

Note that within the framework of the use of content for personal purpose and non-commercial purposes you are required and obliged to keep the contents in their original form, together with notices of the copyright and ownership of content, as published on the website, nor to make any change and / or omission and / or distortion of such materials and / or any development and / or modification of the content.

7. You hereby undertake not to make any use of the Site which is in violation of law and / or non-consensual and / or offensive.


Release from liability


8. The overall site - including any information on the site (including information access to which is via the website) and the software underlying the website - presented and made available as it is ("AS IS"). Use of this website and its services will be at your own risk and not create any relationship between you and the Company exceeding those set forth in these terms.

9. The Company retains the exclusive right to make any changes on the Site and / or uses provided on the Site and / or these terms (including, inter alia, to add and / or remove any material posted on redesigning swap content) at any time for any reason, no need to inform you in advance and without any liability by.

10. The Company does not warrant that use of the Website will be continuously without interruptions and / or breaks and / or errors shall be immune from unauthorized access company computers, malfunctions, damages, failures (including hardware, software, communication lines and systems of the Company and / or its and / or any of its suppliers), or damages for any reason.

11. Subject to any law, the Company expresses any position and is not responsible, express or implied, regarding the information, material and activities on the Website and / or access to which is through the Website and / or any damage caused or likely to be caused by a defect or malfunction of the software operating the site and / or in connection with your use of the website (including inter alia, the use of its content and its services).

12. The Company reserves the exclusive right to immediately stop using the Site

And / or services, at any time, at the sole discretion of the Company, in the event you breach the terms of use and / or any law and / or instruction and / or if the Company decides, in its sole discretion, that the proposed use of an unreasonable or inappropriate on the site.

13. The Company shall not be liable for any damage and / or loss and / or expense, including mental anguish, caused to you and / or your property in connection with your use of the Site and in connection with any specified in paragraphs 8-13 above.


Site Content


14. Products displayed on the Website are for sale while stocks last or until an earlier time than that, at the sole discretion of the Company.

15. The pictures and / or descriptions and / or designs of the products on the website are for illustration purposes only.

16. There may be errors and / or inaccuracies and / or omissions of the information presented on the website and the Company is not responsible for them.

17. The event of an error occurring in the price of the product and / or if the price of the product has not been updated site will not require the Company and in any event the settlement price will be the one shown in our stores.


Intellectual Property


20. All intellectual property rights for the site, including, among others: copyright, trademarks, databases, patents, designs, know-how, trade secrets and collecting the personal information of users, are owned by the Company or a third party which allowed the company to use them.

You may not copy, distribute, publicly display, transmit, modify, process, reproduce, translate, sell, rent or disclose to a third party or any part thereof, in any medium and in any manner, without the express consent of the company in writing and in advance.

21. The company name and trademarks (both registered and unregistered) of the Company, are the exclusive property of the Company and may not be used for any purpose.


Links to Site


22. On the site you'll find links to various pages on the internet, not the Website and / or owned by the Company. The Company does not guarantee that all links found on the site will work and will lead to an active website. Presence of a link of a site (even exists a common sign of the company and a web page to which the link) does not indicate any knowledge and / or consent of the company for its content or that the content of the linked site is reliable, current, or having any other aspect, and now assumes no liability in connection therewith. You may find that such contents do not fit your needs, or you object the content, or consider outrageous, illegal or immoral. The Company is not responsible for the content, data or visual elements which the links lead and is not responsible for any consequence resulting from their use and / or reliance thereon.

Without limiting the foregoing, the Company is not liable for any damage caused to you and / or your property resulting from the use of or reliance on the information and / or content appearing on the sites you reach through a link available on the Website and / or for the use or reliance on the information and content posted on the site by third parties.




23. You represent and warrant to indemnify and / or compensate the Company and / or its employees and / or its representatives for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense incurred by them (including court costs and attorneys' fees) resulting from the breach these terms and conditions.


Law and Jurisdiction


24. These Terms of Use, as well as all policies and / or additional terms and conditions that appear on the site are subject to Israeli law and jurisdiction and their application will be court in Tel - Aviv.

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