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HOOPS is a high-end, international watch brand that sells all around the world in places such as Japan, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, France, The United Kingdom, Italy, Greece and Israel.

The minimalist, clean cut design of HOOPS watches is like a breeze of fresh air in the world of fashion.

HOOPS watches are branded by a unique look which captures a never-ending colorfulness; having one side elegant, classic, jewel-like and clean cut, whereas the other side being young, cool and live and kicking.

One of the outstanding characteristic of all HOOPS watches is their milky glass cover; a cloudy glass which makes HOOPS watches so special and differs between HOOPS watches and any other watch you’ve seen up until today.  

It’s slender and distinct straps provide a watch suitable for those who prefer a more delicate looking watch.

Furthermore, HOOPS watches offer an attractive and fair price, in order to allow everyone to enjoy the experience of owning a HOOPS watch.

All HOOPS watch come with a 1-year warranty and they are all water proof (3ATM).

About Us

Take a sneak-peek into our photo shoot:

A long photo shoot day for HOOPS watches, full of lots of style and an amazing atmosphere, thanks to the model-reality star, Or Daniel.

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